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Restore “Clutter” in Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox

As far as I’m aware only one of our customers in Oxford was still using the “Clutter” folder in their Office 365 mailbox. It recently stopped working for them and the customer promptly contacted me. “Clutter” is quite an old feature in Microsoft Office 365 which splits your incoming emails into important and non-important (but […]

  • 23:30

Apple watchOS 10 removes swipe between watch faces

I use “Modular” as the primary watch face on my Apple Watch will multiple complications/widgets. 7 slots are not nearly enough for all the complications I want to have quick access to. To work around this, I have set up two additional watch faces (Infograph and Activity Digital) on both sides of the Modular with […]

  • 23:27

Another driver update that breaks stuff…

We, IT people, often like to tell clients that all software updates should be installed promptly or bad things will happen. And this is true… most of the time… However, in rare instances, the same promptly installed updates can ruin your day… In this particular case, a Windows 11 computer of a client from an […]

  • 00:59

The Outlook data file has reached the maximum size…

If you see this error message on your PC with a modern Office 365 Outlook app, it means your local email data file (.ost, .pst) has reached its 50GB limit. It recently started happening to several employees of an accounting company in Oxford we provide IT Support to. Some of them were also seeing the […]

  • 16:06

Microsoft Account Error – Something went wrong [1200]

We recently had quite a few reports of “1200 – Something went wrong…” errors from several small businesses in Oxford. Our IT Support customers were mostly affected by this in MS Outlook, however, the same error can occur when opening or signing in to various Microsoft apps (Outlook, Teams, Excel, OneDrive, etc.) In most cases, […]

  • 16:52

Google and other maps zoom too fast on Mac

This issue was affecting one of our IT Support customers in Bicester, Oxfordshire. They were using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers on a 2020 Mac Mini computer with M1 Processor and macOS Ventura 13.3 Operating System. Zooming in and out on Google and other maps (Bing, Strava, etc.) using the mouse wheel resulted in […]

  • 02:34

Force Upgrade from Windows 10 to 11

I recently was contacted by a small business owner in Whitney, Oxfordshire who was having issues trying to upgrade his Windows 10 laptop to Windows 11. Specifically, the issue had something to do with “not meeting some system requirements”. Windows 10 users can normally upgrade to 11 free of charge. However, with Windows 11 Microsoft […]

  • 02:07

What’s the best broadband in Oxford?

What is the best Internet connection in Oxford, Abingdon, Bicester, Kidlington, etc., etc.? As is often the case, the answer is “it depends”. Although we provide IT Support services mostly in Oxfordshire, the vast majority of information in this article applies to the whole of the UK. When it comes to broadband, not everything depends […]