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Modify Outlook signature for plain text emails

One of my self-employed IT Support clients in Bicester (Oxfordshire) recently asked me how to modify their Outlook signature that appears when replying to pain-text emails. This was not something I had come across before so a little research was required. Most emails these days are sent in HTML format, however, quite a few are […]

  • 11:14

Personal Stationery Theme doesn’t load in Outlook

Around the end of October 2023, I started receiving reports from my customers in around Oxfordshire that Personal Stationary templates stopped working in Microsoft Outlook. This wasn’t affecting all users, only those who tried to enable or change personal stationery in Outlook settings. People who had stationary already selected and didn’t touch the settings were […]

  • 17:19

Search and replace multi-line text in Notepad++

Notepad++ is my favourite text editor. It’s incomparably more powerful in feature-rich than Windows Notepad, however, even Notepad++ can’t do proper multi-line search and replace out of the box. Sure, you can enable the Extended search mode and mark each new line with \n, but this is clunky and only practical if you have only […]

  • 12:55

Duplicate WordPress site on another domain

We host WordPress websites for multiple customers around Oxfordshire and occasionally we have to clone a website to test major changes or updates to make sure they don’t break anything on the live website. There are only two places where you need to make small changes after creating a clone of a WordPress website on […]

  • 11:42

phpMyAdmin import fails – Unexpected character…

I was recently importing our newest Oxford customer’s WordPress website to our web hosting system and hit a small issue while importing .sql database via phpMyAdmin. The import was failing with the following error: The .sql database file was obtained from a Plesk web server backup. Opening the file in the Notepad++ text editor immediately […]

  • 11:16

Increase file upload limit on Plesk phpMyAdmin

The default upload limit (importing SQL files, etc.) in phpMyAdmin is 2MB. It’s quite easy to increase it. In this case, Plesk is running on a server Linux CentOS 7 server.

  • 18:18

Denon AVR – Missing Inputs in Zone2

Most Denon AVRs have a cool feature called “Multi Zone“. It allows you to connect speakers or another external amplifier in another room and control everything from the same single Denon AVR. You can either play the same audio in all zones or play one thing in your main zone, and something completely different in […]

  • 16:33

MS Outlook – Sending Reported Error 0x80040115

This error in Microsoft Outlook can occur due to network connection issues (as the message suggests). Make sure your Internet access is working correctly and try running ipconfig /flushdns command in the command prompt (cmd.exe). In other instances, this can occur due to corruption in Outlook’s local email cache .ost file. This recently happened to […]

  • 22:56

The virtual printing feature is globally disabled…

This little warning can pop up if you are using VMware Workstation. The resolution is pretty simple: Open VMware Workstation and go to Edit > Preferences > Devices. Uncheck the option: “Enable virtual printers“ If you are not going to use printing functionality from your VMs, go to each VM Settings > Printer and remove […]

  • 17:43

How to quickly count selected emails in Outlook

A proprietor of a small real estate company in Oxford recently contacted me with a minor IT question. They wanted a quick way to see how many emails are selected in Outlook. It’s very easy to see the total and unready email count in Microsoft Outlook. Simply go to any folder and glance at the […]